Our History & Mission


Goodfellas 4 God was initially founded with the purpose of reaching out to those caught up in "the life." From active made men to former soldiers in witness protection, the Goodfellas 4 God Ministry has continuously made outreach our primary focus in order to bring the message of forgiveness through Jesus Christ to people who typically believe their pasts have made them unworthy of second-chances and forgiveness. Nothing could be farther from the truth.


In a world of labels, sinners and saints, we ALL fall short of the glory of God. The Goodfellas 4 God Ministry stands firmly on the word of God and His promise that salvation, restoration and redemption are indeed ours should we accept his one and only son that died on Calvary for our sins. It is with that belief that we go into the world so that those who want redemption, those who thirst for forgiveness will know of our heavenly father's love and mercy.



What We Believe


We believe there in one God consisting of three elements; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spririt.


We believe in the virgin birth of Christ, his life led free of sin, the miracles that he performed, his death by crucifixion, his bodily resurrection followed by his ascension to the right hand of the Father and his glorious return.


We confess that it is our firm and unwavering belief that Jesus of Nazareth was exactly who he had claimed to be; the son of God.


We believe that there is no other way into eternal life other than through Christ.

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